Autumn Essentials

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It’s that time of year again. Which, by the way, is also my favourite time of year!

Yes, I am talking about Autumn. No, that isn’t to say that I don’t love Summer, but there is just something about getting all wrapped up and cosy that makes me love the colder months that little bit more. I love the dark, cold nights, snuggling up under blankets with a hot chocolate and watching TV.

You just know that it Autumn has arrived when The X Factor is back on our screens! Hello to having no social life from now until Christmas, (not that I had much of one anyway!). Does this count as an essential?

Something that I have always been a bit apprehensive about, is a dark, berry lipstick. I was so unsure about whether or not I would actually be able to pull off wearing such a dark shade on my lips, however, I am so glad that I finally plucked up the courage to try it out because now I am completely and utterly obsessed! I am particularly loving the shade 30 by Kate Moss (Rimmel). It has a slightly more purple tone to it, but I really, really like it. It also goes brilliantly with Maybelline Colour Drama in Berry Much. I find that they both blend really nicely together and they last a really long time before you have to reapply them again.


Another lipstick that I have been loving, is (yes, another!) berry tone. This one is a lot darker and a bit less purple than 30 by Kate Moss. This is Black Cherry by Revlon. I absolutely love this colour. At first, I couldn’t get used to how dark it was and didn’t really think that it suited me but after wearing it a few times, I fell in love! I would also recommend that with any dark lipstick, to use a lip liner first as it makes the application process a whole lot easier. I love this look during the colder months and it also goes perfectly with a gold smoky eye.

image2Sticking with the berry theme, I recently bought a scarf from Primark (£4). I purposely brought this to match my dark, berry lip and it also looks great with a leather jacket


I am most definitely a bath person anyway, but much more so during Autumn, and to accompany me and my baths, are many, many Lush products. I am a huge Lush fan anyway, but there is just something about using their products when it’s cold that makes them feel so much better! I love their bath bombs and bubble bars in particular and I am so excited that their Halloween and Christmas limited edition products have recently been released!

image11Candles are also a must when it starts getting colder and darker outside. At the minute, I am loving Yankee Candle Baby Powder. This is such a soft, soothing scent that really helps me to relax and there is nothing cosier than being indoors, wrapped up, with a candle burning whilst it is raining outside!


I hope you enjoyed my Autumn essentials, let me know yours!


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One thought on “Autumn Essentials”

  1. I’m not into wearing lipstick myself but I do love to see a little make up on women. I think applied sensibly it looks great, and of course choosing the right tones and shades during the Autumn months have great effects.

    I absolutely love your candle choice. One of my favourite scents from the yankee range. 🙂

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