It’s that time of year where Lush becomes all things festive!

I only really discovered Lush about a year ago, and ever since then I have been completely and utterly obsessed! I was particularly excited when their limited edition Christmas products came out as this is first time I have bought them.

I headed over the Lush store in Birmingham about two weeks ago, and even though they didn’t have everything that I wanted in the store, they had the majority. And, whatever I couldn’t buy from there, I ordered them online when I got home.


Let’s get started…

Firstly, I headed straight on over to the shower gel’s where I picked up ‘Snow Fairy’. Everybody goes on about how much of a staple this is for Christmas time and for a lot of people, this product marks the beginning of the festive season! Snow Fairy is a bit like marmite… You either love it, or you hate it. Me? I absolutely love it! I was a bit hesitant in trying it because I’m not really a huge fan of sweet, sickly scents, which everybody says it is. I don’t like the smell or taste of sweets and much prefer savoury and fresh scented products. This automatically made me think that I wasn’t going to like it, however, even though it is a strong, sweet scent, I personally, didn’t find it overpowering and that it had the perfect balance for me. It also leaves a very subtle scent to your skin after using it and isn’t too heavy. I will definitely be re-purchasing and stocking up on this product!


Next, I picked up Star Dust. This is a bath bomb, so you just drop it into your bath water and watch it fizz away. This product is very simple looking, yet leaves your bath water a lovely pale blue colour and has a very subtle coconut and vanilla scent to it. This product contains Rosewood and Bergamot oil which are both very uplifting, cleansing and antiseptic, meaning this is perfect for a little pick-me-up!


So White is another product that a lot of people associate with Christmas. Similarly, to Star Dust, it is very simple looking as it is just plain white, however when it is dropped into a bath, it turns the water a reddish, pink colour. This product has a very crisp apple scent to it, and includes rose absolute which helps you to feel calm. This is the perfect thing to help you unwind after a stressful day.


The next thing I picked up was Luxury Lush Pud. This product is completely different to So White and Star Dust, as it is extremely colourful on the outside and the inside, which leaves the bath water a variety of colours. The scent of this bath bomb is a lot spicier than the others and is definitely not sweet. This product contains Tonka Absolute and Lavender which are both quite powerful scents and I can definitely smell these, even with it still in the packaging! This is one of my favourite products out of this haul, as it is definitely smells more festive and Christmassy! Lavender is also a very relaxing and soothing scent, so this would be perfect to have just before bed!


Dashing Santa is another bath bomb and this smells a lot fruitier in comparison to the rest of the products. It has a lovely orange fragrance which isn’t too overpowering and leaves the bath water a very deep orange colour. It wasn’t really the fragrance that made me go for this product, as I’m not really into citrus scents, but I just thought that the design of this was too cute! It looks so festive and if this doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what will!


Now, onto what I ordered online…

The next two things have the same scent as Snow Fairy so it was fairly obvious that I was going to like them.

The first one is Candy Mountain. This is a bubble bar, so you can re-use it and I think you could probably get between two and four baths out of this. You just crumble some of the bubble bar under the running water and it makes the bath water a baby pink colour and creates lots of bubbles. Again, it is the same scent as Snow Fairy so if you aren’t a fan of that, then you probably won’t like this either.


Next, is the Magic Wand. Again, it is the same scent as Candy Mountain and Snow Fairy so it is very sweet. This is also a reusable bubble bar but on a stick; you hold it under running water or just swirl it around the bath water until you are happy with the colour and the amount of bubbles that are in your bath. It was also the design that drew me into this product as it is very different to the rest of the bath bombs and bubble bars. It also has silver glitter running through it, making the bath water sparkle and leaves your skin glowing.


Finally! The Magic of Christmas… This is another reusable bubble bar. The difference with this wand is that it is actually a cinnamon stick. I feel like this is such a Christmassy product, is smells like cinnamon and almonds and is all things spicy and festive! This is the product that makes me feel the most festive and has such a warm, spicy fragrance to it. The product itself makes the bath water turn orange/gold and has gold glitter running through it and has a little bell tied to the cinnamon stick – how cute!


That is everything from my Lush Haul, I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what products you love at Christmas time!


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2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS LUSH HAUL”

  1. I am a longtime lush user. So glad to see a review of the “magic of christmas”. I’ve been thinking about picking it up but was a little hestitant. It sounds like it’s something I’d like so thank you!


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