About six months ago, I thought I’d treat myself to some new makeup brushes and scrap my old ones. After quite a bit of research, I finally settled on Zoeva. There were soooo many brushes to choose from, but I eventually decided to buy one of the sets rather than individual brushes as I found that the sets included everything that I needed.

IMG_4066 (1)

The set that I bought was the Rose Golden Luxury Set. And as I am obsessed with anything that is rose gold or copper, this was a bit of a no brainer. This set includes 8 beautiful brushes;


106 Powder – Apply loose and pressed powder

102 Silk Finish – Apply and blend foundation

110 Face Shape – Contour the face shape with cream and powder products

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek – Apply powder blush

142 Concealer Buffer – Apply and blend concealer


227 Luxe Soft Definer – Softly blend and smooth eye shadow

231 Luxe Petit Crease – Accentuating and blending in the crease

317 Wing Liner – Detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing

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These brushes are so incredibly soft and are an absolute dream to use. I genuinely think I will struggle using any other brand of makeup brushes now and I have added another set of brushes to my Christmas wish list.

IMG_4068 (1)

The 106 Powder brush makes it so easy to apply powder and because of its size, you only need to use a small amount of powder.

The 102 Silk Finish makes applying and blending foundation so much easier, and it doesn’t leave any brush marks. The rounded edge makes it possible to reach all areas when applying foundation and gives a flawless looking complexion.

Contouring is made easy with the 110 Face Shape brush. Before this brush, I was far too scared to even attempt to contour, but this brush fits into the cheekbones perfectly and makes blending cream and powder products so simplistic.

I use the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush for bronzer as opposed to blush. I just think it works a lot better to apply bronzer as the shape of it also fits nicely into the cheekbones, as opposed to the apples of the cheeks.

I do actually use the 142 Concealer Buffer for concealer. However, I only use this brush to conceal any redness around my nose as I feel this just suits me better. I use my beauty blender to conceal under my eyes and any blemishes that I may have.

IMG_4067 (1)

The 227 Luxe Soft Definer is the perfect brush to apply an all-over lid colour and is super soft! This brush is also extremely fluffy, so it can also be used as a blending brush.

Applying eye shadow into the crease is something a lot of people struggle with. However, the 231 Luxe Petit Crease makes this job A LOT easier. It fits into the crease perfectly and is just as soft as the 227.

Now, I’m not a fan of gel eyeliner, therefore I don’t actually use the 317 Wing Liner brush for eyeliner. I do however, use it to line my eyebrows before I fill them and it does this jib perfectly!

These brushes make doing makeup so much more enjoyable! They also come with a matching bag, big enough to fit all of your essentials in when you’re out and about!

They cost 65 Euros, which is around £45 and they are definitely worth it!

IMG_4069 (1)

Next on my list is the Rose Gold Luxury Set Vol. 2 (of course, what else would it be?!).

Let me know what your favourite makeup brushes are!

Links below!

Rose Golden Luxury Brush set

Rose Golden Luxury Vol. 2 Brush set

Copper Brush Holder: Alphabet Gift Shop £6.99


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8 thoughts on “ZOEVA MAKEUP BRUSHES”

  1. I just bought two sets for myself for Christmas (actually, they’re from my mum- she makes me order my presents with her card!) and I can’t wait. I already have the 110 and it’s one of my favourite brushes, especially for strobing and highlighting the brow bone and nose.

    Claudia Harriet


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