How to: Clean Makeup Brushes


Cleaning makeup brushes is something that I know a lot of people struggle with. This is such a tedious task and we should all clean our brushes a lot more than we do! I try and clean my brushes once every week, but it usually ends up being once every two weeks. It is so important to clean makeup brushes regularly as it stops bacteria from spreading around your face, preventing spots and impurities.

A lot of people reach for cosmetic brush cleaner, which personally, I think is a big mistake – especially if your brushes are a bit more high-end and pricey where the bristles are usually made of natural hair and are of a much higher quality. I find that cosmetic brush cleaner is far too harsh for makeup brushes because of the amount of chemicals that are in them. I found that this dried out my brushes and made them look and feel quite sparse. You wouldn’t put chemicals like this on your hair, so why do it to your makeup brushes?  Because of this, I now use Dove shampoo as it is a much more natural product and does not affect my brushes in anyway. This shampoo thoroughly cleanses my brushes and leaves them feeling super soft. Every few washes, I tend to add just a tiny amount of Dove conditioner just to maintain the condition of my brushes and to prevent them from drying out.


I start off by filling the sink, or a bowl with warm water and just moisten the brush. Depending on the brush that I am cleaning, determines how much shampoo that I use. For my powder, foundation and bronzer brushes, I use quite a bit as they tend to get the dirtiest and are the larger brushes that I use. Whereas eye shadow brushes and other smaller brushes, I don’t use as much shampoo. I also try not to waste water, by using the same bowl of water for my smaller brushes and the ones that aren’t so dirty, and then separate bowls of water for each of my larger, more dirty brushes. This way, I am saving water, yet I don’t want to defeat the objecting of cleaning my brushes, by putting them into dirty water.

I put the shampoo into the palm of my hand and then swirl the brushes around until I am satisfied that I have covered it all. I then put the brush into the warm water, rinsing out the shampoo until the brushes are clean. The thing I love about having white makeup brushes, is that it is so easy to know when they are clean!



I usually clean my makeup brushes at night and leave them on top of a flannel or small towel on top of my radiator over night so that they are dry and ready to use the next morning!

The above images show my makeup brushes before and after they have been cleaned.

I hope this has given you some idea as to how to clean your makeup brushes without harming the bristles! Let me know if you have any other ways of cleaning your brushes!


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2 thoughts on “How to: Clean Makeup Brushes”

  1. Dove products are deceiving!! The pH levels in their products are crazy! Did you know their soaps are pH 10?! To give comparison…household bleach (the nasty stuff) is pH12! Not good for skin or hair! Also they do horrible tests on animals! I’d recommend the Mineralogie brush cleaner, cheap, smells devine and 100% natural 😊


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