Copper Crushin’

I have recently developed a slight obsession with copper/rose gold. I am OBSESSED. From candles, to lamps, to coat hangers… (yes, coat hangers!). Copper, or rose gold, now plays a very important part in my bedroom décor.

I am going to talk through all of the copper items that I have been loving recently.

First, is something that I have mentioned before and that is my Rose Golden Zoeva makeup brushes, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. These makeup brushes make my dressing table look so pretty and feminine and just add a bit of colour. You may also notice that the pots my makeup brushes are in, are also copper. These were £6.99 from the Alphabet Gift Shop and I absolutely love them!


Next, is a copper desk lamp. This actually sits on my bedside table rather than my desk/dressing table as it just looks a bit better sat here. This was a Christmas present and was from Home Base, costing around £25.


Sat next to my lamp, is an alarm clock. I love this alarm clock because it isn’t digital, and looks quite vintage and old fashioned. I don’t actually use the alarm on this because I cannot stand the sound of them – but, it looks pretty and that’s all that really matters, right? I don’t actually know where this was from as it was a gift!


Along the back of my bed, I have some fairy lights. I think these make every room look so much more cosy and warm, especially around this time of year. I love these because they aren’t your traditional type of fairy lights, they are made of metal wire and have a mesh look to them. These were from New Look and cost £8.99.

IMG_0458 (1)

Also from New Look, was this photo frame – which does need to be filled with a photograph at some point! I don’t think they sell this photo frame anymore but I just think it looks lovely sat next to my candle and candle holder. The candle was from Primark and cost £3 and the candle holder was from Ikea (I think!).


Finally, coat hangers. Now, coat hangers aren’t the most thrilling things to buy, however when I saw these, I just HAD to get them. And now my wardrobe is massively thanking me for it! They are really thin which means I can fit even more clothes into my wardrobe and they just make it look a lot neater and more organised. These were £3 for a pack of 5 from Primark – bargain!


I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe gave you a bit of bedroom décor inspiration!


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