Winter Skincare Routine: Evening

I am going to go through my evening, winter skincare routine. I did my morning routine a few weeks ago (you can check that out here), and I thought I would follow it up with my evening routine. As I said in the previous post, looking after your skin is so important and I do believe that starting from a young age makes a huge difference.


First things first; I never use makeup wipes to remove my makeup! They really dehydrate my skin, make it feel sore and they never leave my skin feeling clean and fresh and if ever I do use them, I come out in a load of spots the next day! So makeup wipes, for me, are a definite no-go!

To remove my makeup, I use cleansers, whether that be oils or balms. The cleanser that I am absolutely obsessed with is the Emma Hardie Moringa Amazing Face Cleansing Balm. Now, this is a pricey product for saying that it just removes makeup and cleanses the skin, but it is honestly amazing! It removes makeup so easily, even the toughest of mascaras! It doesn’t leave skin feeling dry and dehydrated like some other cleansers do. This has become such a staple and I will most definitely be repurchasing!

I then use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as my second cleanse. This just makes sure that there are no traces of makeup left on my skin and that it has been thoroughly cleansed.


Every other evening, I will use the Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser. I also use this product in my morning skincare routine, so, the days that I don’t use it in the morning, I use it in the evening. This really helps to smooth and freshen up my skin and I really notice the difference if I forget to use it.



Next, I use Pixi Glow Tonic. This is an exfoliating toner which helps to smooth the skin and remove any dead skin cells, making skin appear healthier. I apply this using a cotton pad, avoiding the eye area. This product includes ginseng, aloe vera and botanical extracts to sooth the skin, and 5% glycolic acid which helps with cell renewal, and it is alcohol-free! I have really sensitive skin so I was slightly hesitant when I first started using this, but I really enjoy this product and it has really improved the condition of my skin! It safe to say that this has now become a staple in my skincare routine!


I then use my beloved Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate and Nutriganics Smoothing Serum from The Body Shop. I have talked about these products enough, so I won’t say anything else!

I have been using the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, also from The Body Shop, since Christmas time. I have fallen in love with this product, it makes my skin feel super hydrated without feeling too oily or sticky. The following morning, it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth and I can really tell the difference if I don’t use this product!


Once a week, I will use the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Face Mask. This is such a lovely face mask and is the only one I have used that I think really makes a difference. This helps to unclog pores and really helps to clear my skin. The Active Charcoal is the ingredient that I think makes the most difference and it acts as a magnet to draw out all of the impurities and pore-cloggers. My skin feels so much better after using this and I feel as though my skin can breathe a lot better. I definitely wouldn’t be without this!


That is my evening skincare routine! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know of any products you love or that you think I should try!

Links and prices below;

Emma Hardie Moringa Amazing Face Cleansing Balm 100ml £38

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 100ml £14

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser 150ml £18.50

Pixi Glow Tonic 200ml £18

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate £19

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Serum £18 – Out of Stock

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask £24

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask £23


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