Easter Lush Haul


As most of you will know, I am a huge fan of Lush all year round. However, I become even more of a fanatic when they release their limited edition collections each season, and with Easter fast approaching, I just could not resist! Unfortunately, my local Lush shop in Derby, didn’t stock everything that I wanted to buy so I could only buy what was there!

The first thing that I was immediately drawn to, was the Bunch of Carrots – I mean, how cute are they?! Last year, I believe these carrots were all orange, so I absolutely love the amount of colour with this years Easter range! The Bunch of Carrots is a bubble bar, so this is a reusable product. It is very refreshing and citrus scented, yet quite warm at the same time. I am SO excited to use this!


The next thing that I was super excited about, was the Fluffy Egg. This has a very similar scent as Snow Fairy and The Comforter, which most of you will know is one of my favourite Lush scents. I always associate the scent of Snow Fairy with Winter and Christmas time, so it is so nice to have a product with same scent now that we are approaching the warmer months!


Humpty Dumpty is a bath bomb that I just could not resist buying! It has the most beautiful caramelised fragrance which is totally different to anything else that I have ever smelt at Lush before! You can crack the egg in half to get two baths out of it, and there is even a little fried egg inside – HOW CUTE! Plus, I can imagine this making the bath water turn such a lovely colour!


Another bath bomb that caught my eye, was the Which Came First? bath bomb. This has a really sweet, citrusy scent to it and again, you can crack it in half to get two baths out of it, and inside there is a little chick, for an extra bath! I cannot wait to try this one out!


I bought two more things from Lush that weren’t part of the Easter range. The first thing I bought a few weeks ago and that is the Unicorn Horn – well, how could I not? It smells of lavender and is such a relaxing fragrance so this would be the perfect product to use in your bath just before bed! This is a bubble bar, so you can use it several times and it has such a lovely combination of colours!


The final thing is a little bit different and this is a bath oil. I chose the You’ve Been Mangoed bath oil. As the name of the product states, it smells like Mango. It doesn’t smell too strong and is very fresh scented. The idea of these oils is to soften your skin and I am really excited to try this out! I was also advised by the lovely lady that served me, to cut it in half as it can be very slippery!


I hope you enjoyed this post and I will no doubt post photos on Instagram or Snapchat (itsmeeganok for both), so make sure you’re following me to see photos! Let me know you’re favourite Lush products or if you have any recommendations!

Head over to www.lush.co.uk to check out these products!


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