Hoar Cross Hall | Spa Day

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking for a while about including more lifestyle based content onto my blog, and recently I took a trip to Hoar Cross Hall so I thought I would blog about my experience whilst there!


For my birthday present, my Dad and his fiancée paid for me to go to Hoar Cross Hall for the day along with herself, my Aunt and Nan. It was so nice to spend the day completely chilled out, and to spend a bit of time to wind down and de-stress. We checked in at 9:30am, where we were greeted with complimentary drinks, were given an itinerary and were shown to the changing rooms. The staff were super helpful and lovely.

As usual, the first thing on our minds, was food! So we went up to the cafe/restaurant area to have some breakfast. The decor of this area was absolutely incredible, it had such a cool and quirky vibe to it, yet the atmosphere was also very relaxed!


After breakfast, we had a bit of a wander around and made our way to the hydrotherapy swimming pool as the water was a MUCH warmer temperature and we all wimped out when it came to the colder pool! We then moved on to the Steam Room, Sauna, Salt Room and Aromatherapy Room. All of them, were phenomenal, super relaxing, and had the nicest scents to them! The Aromatherapy Room was my favourite as the temperature of the room wasn’t too hot, was filled with a gorgeous, therapeutic scent, and the aroma and oils that filled the room left my skin feeling incredible!

We headed to the bar for some cocktails, before going for some lunch!


As part of our spa day package, we had a three course lunch, which was amazing! I had a cold meat buffet to start, followed by Mushroom Cream and Herb Linguine with Chicken Breast, and Toffee Cheesecake for dessert. Oh. My. Goodness. The food was insane! I’m quite a fussy eater and was slightly worried that the food would be a bit too ‘posh’ for me, so I was VERY pleasantly surprised!


After lunch, we had a bit of a mooch around the beauty products and despite the endless supply of Elemis and Clarins products they had on sale, I managed to resist temptation.. don’t ask how, but I did it! There were a couple of products I had my eye on so will more than likely pick them up in the near future, knowing me! We then went over to the swimming pool and braved it in the colder end, but not for long as we soon made our way back to the hydrotherapy pool and jacuzzi where it was nice and warm!

We had another wander around and found some pods that hung from the ceiling that you could sit and just relax in! These were suuuuper cosy, as were the heated water beds in the ‘snooze room’. As we were only there for 6 hours or so, we didn’t use the snooze room, but it was very tempting!


Before heading back to get changed, we spent the last hour or so in the Steam Room, Sauna, Salt Room and Aromatherapy Room. I think we all found these rooms the most relaxing and therapeutic.

Once we’d got changed and collected our belongings from our lockers, we checked out at 3pm and headed over to the main building to have some drinks. And, we enjoyed our day visit that much, that we ended up booking to go back in April for an overnight stay! I am so excited to be spending two days at the spa; as much as I enjoyed the day spa, it just wasn’t long enough for us! The main building looks absolutely stunning, and the blogger in me cannot wait to see the rest of the building and take some photographs!


I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you enjoyed the slight change in content as I really enjoyed writing it! I may also do another blog post after our overnight stay and to talk about my experience and the differences between the day spa and the overnight stay!

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Meg x


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